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This Bihun Goreng Food Favorite Family - three of these foods is certainly one of the family's favorite foods, especially children because it is light and delicious. Imagine all three into one shaped dry cookies! Generally, a rod-shaped snacks (bars) are sold ready to eat with a variety of attractive packaging on the market, with a variety of combinations of content. It was also no doubt, tasty and can prop your stomach is hungry.

This time we present a recipe-Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Bar with ease, and certainly do not need to buy a cereal bar that we do not know its composition. Besides not need baking, you can also experiment with the other stuffing ingredients you want. It's ready to try?

How to make
Grease a baking dish with a spacious 8-inch baked with butter, cover with baking paper on the bottom and two edges. Back basting with butter paper and set aside. Combine butter, marshmallow and cocoa powder in a large pot. Cook for 6 minutes over medium heat, stirring until completely melted. Enter rice cereal. Mix the cereal dough into the pan, press and garnished with melted chocolate.

Let cool at room temperature, cut into 16 stems. For storage of cereal bar, a bar that has a cold store in an airtight container. Cereal bars can be stored up to 5 days. You can replace rice cereal by using a variant of other cereals, such as cornflakes, according to taste. It's easy not make it? Have a try at home!

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